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Here's What People are Saying...

"Brett is the best trainer I’ve ever had (and I've had a few).  He listens to me and hears what I say about how I'm feeling, physically. He has helped me to believe I can still be a fit healthy person at my age, AND have fun doing it! He tailors my workouts to my abilities, challenges me beyond what I would do on my own, and ensures my safety at all times.  I know without a doubt that I am good hands with Brett as my personal trainer." 

Denise S., Fonthill, ON (Mobile + Virtual Personal Training)

"When COVID started, I knew I needed to find a good workout program that I could do at home.  I enrolled in Brett’s Online Fitness Coaching program and immediately became fully engaged!  Since I started exercising regularly, I no longer need to take pills for osteoporosis as my bone density has returned to normal.  When I had injured my knee, Brett adapted my  exercises, enabling me to strengthen my thigh muscles with pool workouts in my own backyard. This  helped my knee heal, and as a result, I was able to avoid surgery.  Brett’s flexibility, adaptability, positive attitude and dedication are remarkable.  He is not only a trainer but a good friend.   Brett is highly qualified his Online Fitness Coaching program is truly awesome! I can’t imagine any other way to workout now."

Fran F., Welland, ON (Online Fitness Coaching)

"Brett has helped me take control of my fitness such that it provides a strong foundation for my active lifestyle. Tennis is a violent sport on the joints and the older I get, the more strength and flexibility I need to compete well and avoid injuries. It’s not easy, but Brett provides a variety of workouts designed with a holistic view, prioritizing my specific needs. Brett is extremely knowledgeable and experienced, yet comes across as humble and unassuming. This allows me to give myself the credit for improvement."

Peter B., Welland, ON (Mobile Personal Training + Online Fitness Coaching)

"Online Fitness Coaching is designed to be flexible, yet hold you accountable.  I can complete the exercises from the comfort of my home at any time of day.  Brett provides tailored workouts that change regularly, to keep you interested and motivated and checks in weekly to ensure your needs are met.  It’s the best exercise program I’ve ever participated in, and I plan on continuing with the program for a long time to come.  Brett is an outstanding trainer, that I’m pleased to be associated with!"

Nicole P., Welland, ON (Online Fitness Coaching)

"Online Fitness Coaching will help you focus (or re-focus) on yourself. It's about taking the time to find balance in your busy life and to prioritize your health and well-being. Brett really is your BFF (best fitness friend) and will continue to be that person through the highs and lows of life!" 

Janelle F., Gatineau, QC (Online Fitness Coaching)

"Personal training with Brett is an experience of connecting with my resilience, to be flexible in how I move so I can continue to heal from the inside out and the outside in. Brett is a sound listener and motivator and is seriously talented and skilled at what he does. He is a coaches coach."

Daneila L., Toronto, ON (Virtual Personal Training)

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